Our Vision


To develop a wholesome foundation.
To build ideal citizen & good human beings.
To nurture the potentials in students.
To help children in becoming self-confident, committed & diligent.
To develop the mind & soul of the children.

As parents and teachers, we are aware that education is much more than learning and examinations. Built on a foundation of Trust, Love, Joy, Listening and Caring for each Child, St. Mark's is committed to provide much more than mere bookish knowledge. True education begins with knowing and understanding the child. We recognize each child as an individual being with his or her own special set of strengths and talents. Our philosophy is reflected in the various ways ranging from the vision of education and the design of the school building to curriculum development, teacher support and classroom processes. 

Our values are based on age old concepts of education, but we have moulded those so that our children can meet the challenges of the future. Our policies and methods are made keeping in mind of the future ahead.